Mission Statement :  To lead the transformation of the dental hygiene profession to improve the public's oral and overall health.  

The South Carolina Dental Hygienists' Association, SCDHA,  is a constituent the American Dental Hygienists' Association,  ADHA 

We have 4 active components:

 Charleston- serving Charleston and surrounding areas 
Greater Columbia- serving the mid-section of the state
 Piedmont- serving the upstate
Grand Strand- serving Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas

If you have questions or for more information about the South Carolina Dental Hygienists' Association send an email to info@scdha.org. 

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This year ADHA's annual session was held in Columbus, Ohio.  Representing SC was our senior delegate, Daiphin Bober, our junior delegate, Tammi Byrd, our president, Nancy Johnston, and our two student delegates, Edward Zorne and Allie Privetter.  It was a very busy few days as our representatives sat in the house of delegates, were a part of a reference committee, presented testimony, went to continuing education classes and made connections with hygienists from all over the country.  Thank you guys for all of your hard work.  South Carolina would also like to congratulate Becky Smith from Florida for being elected the new District IV trustee.

There is always something going on at SCDHA.  More pictures will be added below as our adventures continue.....